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Step by Step: Fresh Almond Milk and Almond Flour!

My step by step instructions to make homemade fresh Almond Milk and Almond Flour at the same time. Click, read more, for pics and recipe.

Using blanched Almonds will give you a finer flour when finished but using regular almonds will give you tastier almond milk. So I chose to use both.

Cover with plenty of filtered water and soak raw almonds for at least 8 hrs or more. 

Drain the almonds and put into blender. (For my 1 pound of almonds I blended separate 3 batches.)

Blend the almonds and add small amounts of water until you have reached an easily blendable paste. Blend the crap out of the paste, around 2-3 min or more until all the almonds are finely ground. 

Now you can add as much water as you want to achieve the consistency you wish for your milk and blend another minute. You can also add yummy stuff while blending. I like maple syrup for a sweetener with a bit of vanilla. Using raw cocoa powder, maple syrup and cayenne pepper is great too. On a whim I tossed in the left over coffee that my roomie made and it turned out great. (I rarely drink coffee and there is much controversy over whether its good for you or not. Just follow what your body is telling you on these choices.)

Next line a stainer with cheesecloth and set over a pot or a bowl.

Pour in the blended mixture. Use a spoon to aid drainage.

When done, tighten the cloth around the almond meal to get out as much as you can.

You can even give it a good squeeze or two.

Next, take all the meal and toss into a large pan. Break up clumps with a spoon and spread evenly across the pan. The meal can be dried in a low temp oven 125* - 200* for a few hours to 8 depending on how much meal you are drying. Check it every once in a while and give it a stir. This makes the best almond flour ever. You will see me post a lot of recipes using this flour. I use it for pancakes, banana breads, in place of bread crumbs in meatloaf, as a coating for fried chicken, pie crust and as a crumble topping for fruit desert. I rarely eat grain for health reasons so this is my substitute.

Pour in an airtight container and store in the fridge. Fresh almond milk will keep for 2-5 days in the fridge. It will separate quickly but you can just shake it up before drinking. Keep an eye on the odor, it will tell you when it’s not good anymore. The amazing fresh flavor goes away and it starts to smell a bit bitter or just off. This is how much almond milk I got from 1 pound of almonds. I made Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, and one that is a mix of what was left over from each flavor.



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